Weereewa Festival

A celebration of Lake George



Weereewa – a Festival of Lake George was founded in 1999 to celebrate this magnificent ancient landscape in arts and environmental science activities and events. It has since been held about every 2 years.

2014 festival

The 2014 festival runs from February until the end of  March with a wide range of events showcasing regional excellence in arts and culture– visual arts, dance, writing, music, cuisine and viticulture – and some focussed on the environment itself. This includes thinking and talking about environmental issues and getting out in the Lake George (Weereewa) region on foot and by bicycle.

There is also a noteworthy event at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery starting in January.  Find the calendar for a summary of the program on the Program Calendar page. Explore fulsome details and have a look at some images on the Festival page.


The festival is managed entirely by a volunteer committee, members of which donate their time and expertise as community service. In 2014 we are funded through residual funds given by Infigen for the cancelled 2012 festival, a new grant from Braidwood and Bungendore Community Banks and a grant for the dance in schools program at Bungendore School from the Country Arts Support Program of Regional Arts NSW, funded by the NSW Government through Arts NSW.

The Bungendore Chamber of Commerce and Industry is sponsoring the community concert in the paddock, A Beautiful Noise on Sunday 16 March.


The Festival committee acknowledges with thanks the support of our funding bodies & sponsors: Infigen Energy, Braidwood and Bungendore Community Banks, the Country Arts Support Program of Regional Arts NSW, funded by the NSW Government through Arts NSW, Bungendore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Lerida Estate, Gorman House Arts Centre, Create + Print, KV Productions.

We also gratefully acknowledge the support of our regional business and community partners: ANU School of Music, Artsound FM, A Suitable Book, Bungendore Mirror, Bungendore Public School, Bungendore Wellbeing Centre, Bungendore Wood Works Gallery, Café Wood Works, Canberra Museum and Gallery, Goulburn Regional Art Gallery, Le Très Bon Restaurant, Mirramu Creative Arts Centre and Mirramu Dance Company, PhotoAccess, Silver Wattle Quaker Centre, The Big Green Cup Café, The National Arboretum, Wick Consulting at Terroux, Writing with Light and X Gallery.

About Weereewa/Lake George

Lake George/Weereewa is, when full, the largest expanse of fresh water in Australia and is thought to be the fifth oldest fresh water lake in the world.

Some excellent references exist for sourcing information about the geology and history of Weereewa/Lake George.

Two you may wish to hunt out are:

Ann Jackson-Nakano: The Pajong and Wallabalooa, A History of Aboriginal Framing Families at Blakney and Pudman Creeks, 1820-1945, and historical overview 1945-2002, Weereewa History Series Volume 2, Aboriginal History Monograph 9, ed. Peter Read, copy ed. Bernadette Hince, ANU Printing, Canberra

Graeme Barrow: Magnificent Lake George The Biography, Dagraja Press, Canberra 2012